Rocky Mountain Consulting, LLC
We are passionate about planning and implementing strategies for your business.


Company Overview

The passion of a business owner can take the business only so far.  Our associates assess, evaluate, plan and implement what your business needs to accomplish your goals.   


Rocky Mountain Consulting focuses on helping businesses that need to improve and grow - or to sell or go public - by developing solid strategy plans and the procedures to implement those plans.  This may include growing the business and improving profitability by instituting more efficient operating methods and training the staff in their usage; outsourcing services; or even selling the business.  Our paramount objective is to ensure that the business moves in the direction most beneficial to the owners.  


The approach our firm utilizes is specific to what the business needs and to the needs that you express. We are hands-on evaluators, thinkers, planners, teachers and implementers. We are new-idea people but also practical, hands-on fix-it people. 


The products are varied but are designed to what is needed: advice and counsel, new ideas, training, software, staff intervention, and more.


Company Mission


The mission of Rocky Mountain Consulting is to assist businesses in various stages of their development by providing the strategies, services and training necessary to accomplish the owners’ objectives.  


We have found that business owners bring passion and ideas to their company, but may lack some perspectives. Rocky Mountain Consulting was created to fill that need. 


Management Consulting is a temporary infusion of energy, new ideas and best business practices into the business environment. The outgrowth from the consulting project is a new way forward for the company. 


RMC’s philosophy is: 


  • With a fresh mind and outlook, listen to the client and assess the business in the ways requested.  
  • Develop and mutually agree on outcomes from the consulting project   
  • Communicate honestly and openly  
  • Devise a scope of consulting work that accomplishes the desired goals as quickly as possible  
  • Do what is necessary  
  • Focus on educating the company’s personnel so that the consulting engagement builds bench strength so it will be stronger in the future.  
  • Do business in a honest, straightforward way because we want your recommendation of our services for referral to others.  

Our associates are teachers who roll up their sleeves and approach each client as if it were their own business.   In addition to implementing the improvements necessary to accomplish your goals, we also want to teach you how to do what we do, so that you will have the skills to continue improving after we depart.   Even when the project has concluded, however, we continue to support you.   All our work is warranted, and you may call on us at any time, without additional charge, to discuss and receive continued support on any aspect of our work, for as long as you own your business.