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Strategy 2 Reality

Strategic Execution Facilitation and Training Solutions for Sustainable Workplace Performance.


Neo Change

Neochange is the leading management consulting firm focused exclusively on the complex challenge of Effective User Adoption™.
Leading Global companies and Software Vendors engage us as trusted advisors to develop their adoption strategies and practices.


True North

True North pgs, Inc. is a strategic consultancy focused on expanding the awareness, acceptance, and application of project work as a distinctly different practice from typical operations management type project management. Read the book “The Blind Men and the Elephant: Matering Project Work,” by David Schmaltz, an amusing and insightful work that tells us how we can transform fuzzy responsibilities into meaningful results.


The Lauridsen Group

The Lauridsen Group is a team of highly experienced management consultants who help organizations strategize, produce their products and services and remain competitive and profitable. Read the book “Boss Talk”, by Steven J. Sherman and Robert W. Lauridsen of the Lauridsen Group, a manager’s guide to exceptional productivity and innovation.



Recognized as one of the premier state-of-the-art system builders, we focus on enterprise-class, mission critical business applications in both public and commercial sectors for organizations small and large.



 StratXTeam is a global online consortium dedicated to researchers, academics, and business practitioners who are passionate about collaborating on the changing paradigms for planning and executing effective strategies. StratX provides expertise in methods used to align daily operations with corporate vision, and ensuring those operations actually advance the business toward that vision.


Pacific Business Strategies, LLC

Advanced Technical Consulting, LLC