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We are passionate about planning and implementing strategies for your business.


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  • Rocky Mountain Consulting, llc, is consciously launching the new practice at a time when the global economy is putting pressure on companies to rein in costs. Traditionally, companies have engaged consulting firms only for short-term project implementation. The new practice formalizes the company's objective of assisting clients though first establishing strategic goals, then designing and implementing the projects necessary to meet those objectives.
  • This section provides a bulleted list of our company's basic services.
  • Rocky Mountain Consulting focuses on helping businesses that need to improve and grow - or to sell or go public - by developing solid strategy plans and the procedures to implement those plans. This may include growing the business and improving profitability by instituting more efficient operating methods and training the staff in their usage; outsourcing services; or even selling the business. Our paramount objective is to ensure that the business moves in the direction most beneficial to the owners.